Friday, April 10, 2009

Excerpt from Memoir of Col. Jonathan Eddy..., by Joseph W. Porter, 1877.

[With a company raised in Mansfield, Massachusetts, and the vicinity, then Captain Eddy marched and later boarded transports with some 70 men and his subordinate and superior officers en route to Fort Cumberland where the following occurred]:

"Oct. 22. [1759] Orders: 'All Sutlers are forbidden to sell any Spirituous Liquors to any of the Garrison this Day. At 12 o'clock to-day 76 great guns were fired, as well for the King's Coronation day as the joyful news of our success at Canady, at which time every officer on the beat of the General met upon the Fort parade and Drank his Majesty's good health, &c., dureing the fireing, after which they sany God save the King; and they, with the whole Garrison who were all assembled, save those on duty and sick, gave three cheers , at which time 20 Gallons of Rum was made in good Toddy and given to the Soldiery. At night about 6 o'clock, from the alarm posts, every man discharged his Firelock three times, except some that did not go off, and then gave three cheers, which with illuminating all the windows in the garrison belonging to the officers, concluded the Day.'"

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